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Hi there! We are Wendy and Sarah.

We help you experience inner healing and a joy-filled, thriving life, by strengthening your connection to God, yourself, and others.


Turn Uncertainty and feeling Overwhelmed

into Hope and Strength!

Transform Your Life Now

Everyone has their own story

Sometimes feeling exhausted, overwhelmed & overstimulated

can leave you asking…

Is this really my life?

• Hectic Schedules and Pressing Deadlines

• Caring for Others, but Never Allowing Time for Yourself

• Being Pulled in Millions of Directions

I don’t know if this is ever going to end…

Trying to figure out your life can leave you overwhelmed and confused

and relationships can leave you frustrated and disappointed.

Not sure where to start and wondering where to go from here…

And how does faith and God fit into it all?

... because your endless search for peace and joy is feeding the negativity leaving you spinning in circles

Isn’t it time to change the cycle...

God has a better plan for you!

And We’re Here to Help.

Negative thoughts and emotions can derail your brain and body.

Click to learn more and gain access to a STIL Thrive in Life Video from the book.

Let the Truth Set You Free...

Your life doesn’t have to be this hard

You can experience JOY and MEANING Again

We (Wendy and Sarah) have helped countless individuals just like you


God has brought you here on time and on purpose.

There is STIL a way.

Which sounds like you?

I’m looking to GROW and CONNECT with others like me who want help with the same challenges!

I’m ready to experience my Thriving Life, TAKE ACTION and COMMIT to transformation! Starting now.

I’d like PERSONALIZED GUIDANCE and encouragement with individual paid coaching from Wendy or Sarah.

Ready but not sure what you need?

Start with our Cast Your Cares Meditation


Such an awesome way to dig into God's Word...

"STIL is SUCH an awesome way to dig into God's word and learn how it applies to our lives with no intimidation! A great way to discover who God intends you to be and how He works in your life. He reveals Himself and heals past hurts and discouragements and gives hope in how you can live in peace and joy! I totally recommend this for all!"


Pastor's Wife - Women's Minsitry - North Dakota

Wendy and Sarah have captured the essence of Gods' heart...

"This program is a beautiful blueprint that maps out how we are to live a life on purpose while discovering who we are in Christ. Wendy and Sarah have captured the essence of God's heart for His children with this workbook by providing Bible-based teachings as we journey through the 7 Core Truths within it."


Teacher - New York

...right believing about God, themselves, and others...

"The power of STIL Thrive in Life is speaking the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). This program helps individuals better understand right believing about God, themselves, and others and how to act on it. Since everyone's journey differs, this interactive workbook is designed in such a way that anyone-from spiritual seekers to new believers to senior saints may begin where they are in their life (their point of need) and explore various possibilities as God may lead."


Pastor - Educator - New York

Are you feeling mentally and emotionally overwhelmed, physically exhausted, and relationally depleted?


STIL Speak Truth in Love, Inc.

7 Core Truths to Thrive in Life

An Interactive, multimedia book

designed to transform your life.

Through 7 Core Truths, this program guides you to experience inner healing, and a joy-filled, thriving life by strengthening your connection to God, yourself, and others.


To empower people around the world to connect with God and His Word,

and equip them in living a thriving life filled with purpose, hope, peace, and joy.

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